I have been on the payroll (this time on the HR side, not the IT side) at my current company since I graduated. I have been in charge of payroll (this time on the HR side, not the IT side) since I graduated.

When transferring payroll, there was an incident in which the payroll was reclassified due to a furigana mistake.

I have been thinking about how to solve this problem, and I am writing this article as a reminder.



After payroll is completed, the company processes the payment to the bank for payment (like transferring money), and this process is called payroll transmission.

If the account number or the name of the account holder is incorrect, the bank will return the money to the company in a process called payroll reversal.

If a payroll reversal occurs, the company must immediately confirm the name of the payroll recipient, or send the payroll to the bank again, which is a lot of paperwork.


How is it generally perceived?

Now, this event, after the payroll is done, the bank transmission is done, so the conclusion is that this is a phenomenon that is commonplace in other companies as well.

We have interviewed various people through my contacts.


Case 1: Formerly in human resources at a manufacturer (with a workforce of just under 8,000 employees)

It seems to be occurring quite frequently. This company uses a BPO for payroll itself, and when a payroll reclassification occurs, the BPO company has established a process to confirm with the individual and transfer the funds to the correct account.


Case 2: Human resources of a group company (about 300 employees)

There is an affiliated company in the same group, so I confirmed the situation there as well. Although the number of employees is small, it is said that it happens from time to time. In such cases, the HR confirmed with the person in question separately, and the bank transmission was processed.


Case 3. friend of a local bank

Now, to begin with, is there any way to verify that the bank account is live or dead before transferring the money? I checked with my friend, and he told me that this service does not exist at the local bank where he works. Incidentally, he said that there is a way to check if the transfer is from an account within the bank to an account within the bank, but since he uses a different bank as a sorting bank, it is difficult, he said.


I have heard that megabanks offer such a service. So I will check through another route.


Can we take action?

There are several ways to do this, but as a result, it seems to be an event that happens without any kind of system.


It is possible that the bank has a function to check the account before the transfer is made in the service they provide.

This seems to be using the batch account confirmation function for transfer data provided by NTT Data.


However, it seems to cost 100 yen per account, so if there are 1,000 customers, it would cost 100,000 yen per month. Wow~!



Other companies do not seem to have a system in place to check where payroll reclassification occurs, because the fee is less than 1,000 yen. That’s right.

If we were to do it, I think it would be acceptable to at least check the application details “only for new hires” just to be sure at the timing when new employees join the company, but in light of the man-hours to check and the paperwork involved, I think it might be a waste of time.


At my company, the process of using a bank seal to make a bank transfer is ridiculously complicated, and they have no intention of improving this process.